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This describes marijuana’s physiological effects, which include changes in blood pressure and muscle weakness (Van Toil, 2007). (Doweiko, 2009). THC has an impact on all neuromotor activity to some extent (Gold, Frost-Pineda, & Jacobs, 2004).You may want to check out Dispensaries for more. The use of marijuana smoking before eating is an odd phenomenon I’ve seen in almost all of my clients who consider marijuana as their drug of choice. The effects of marijuana on the “CB-1” receptor account for this. CB-1 receptors are abundant in the limbic system, also known as the nucleolus accumbent, which regulates reward pathways (Martin, 2004). As part of the body’s natural survival instinct, these reward mechanisms influence appetite and eating patterns, causing us to crave food and rewarding us with dopamine when we eventually do (Hazelden, 2005). Martin (2004) makes this relation, stating that the activation of the CB-1 receptor specifically activating appetite is specific to marijuana users.


My current client describes how he used to smoke up to fifteen joints of “low grade” marijuana a day before switching to “high grade” when the low grade became ineffective. In the end, he found that fifteen joints of high-grade marijuana were unsuccessful as well. He didn’t always get his “high” from it, either. This whole procedure took place within five years of the client’s first marijuana encounter. What is the difference between high and low-grade marijuana, and why does marijuana lose its effects after a while?

The THC content of marijuana is used to determine its potency. As the street market becomes more dynamic, the street’s potency becomes purer. This has resulted in a pattern of increasing potency in response to demand. One average joint of marijuana smoked today contains the same amount of THC as ten average joints smoked in the 1960s (Hazelden, 2005).THC levels are largely determined by which part of the cannabis leaf is used in cultivation.

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