Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer May Be Your Best Option

By on 5-06-2021 in Law

Going to see a bankruptcy attorney can be aggravating, humiliating, and nerve-wracking for many people. Nobody wants to say they are unable to pay their debts and are experiencing financial difficulties. This is understandable, but there are a few reasons why seeing the attorney could be the best decision you ever make. Click here for info about us.

The Autonomous Stay

The automatic stay kicks in the moment you formally file for bankruptcy. This clearly means that all of the debt collectors who have been calling your house nonstop must immediately stop calling. They can’t keep texting you at work or calling your neighbours. They must refrain from pursuing their money while the bankruptcy process is ongoing.

The majority of people choose to file for bankruptcy for this reason. Living with debt collectors’ relentless threats and the anxiety of not being able to pay your bills takes a toll on your mental and physical health. When they call again, clearly inform them that you have applied for bankruptcy and that they are no longer allowed to contact you.

The automatic stay will not be treated equally by all debt collectors. You should keep telling them that you’ve declared bankruptcy. If a creditor wants to bother you, your bankruptcy attorney should be able to handle it.
Financial Situation That Can Be Managed

Filing for bankruptcy may sound like you’re going down in flames of humiliating loss, but it also provides you with a more manageable financial condition. Imagine being able to pay the bills on time every month instead of stressing over what you can’t. Imagine going to bed at night with peace of mind and faith in your financial state, rather than tossing and turning because you’re worried about unpaid bills.

The relief that comes from believing you will meet your financial commitments will be worth the defeat and negative feelings you experience when you first approach a bankruptcy attorney. When you feel the weight of debt lift off your shoulders, the negative feelings melt away.

A New Beginning

When your bankruptcy is completed, you will have a fresh financial start in life. It won’t be long before creditors approach you with offers to work with you again. You’ll have a lot of advanced insight and wisdom from your previous debt experience, which will help you make better decisions this time.

When most people go to see a bankruptcy attorney, they are looking for a new start. It’s what encourages them to file, despite their aversion to admitting defeat. There is still a hope for redemption after a loss. The key to recovery is to take advantage of the fresh start you’ve been given and demonstrate that you’ve learned from your mistakes and can handle your finances responsibly.

No one wants to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer. No one wants to lie awake at night knowing that there is no way out of their predicament other than to file for bankruptcy. However, everybody desires and deserves the relief that an automatic stay provides, as well as the redemption that comes with a fresh start.