Quick Recap About Flip Top Table Features

By on 5-10-2021 in Business

Restaurants and bars also advertise online, in print magazines, and by word of mouth. These strategies aid in bringing hungry (or thirsty) customers in the door, but why stop there? Do you want to learn more? Visit https://icf.com.au/new-flip-top-tables-designed-for-mobility-and-durability/. Table-top displays are a smart way to continue promoting the establishment as a complement to the printed menu. The friendly, irresistible cousins of the multi-panel family are Flip Chart Table Tents. They serve the same function as multiple panels in that they provide more details in a smaller room, but they are more interactive. These displays function almost counter-intuitively in that by showing less immediate detail, the consumer is enticed to want more and, as a result, flips through each page. The transparent vinyl card sleeves are usually attached to a vertical stand with rings. The bulk of flip charts are packaged in ten vinyl sleeves (with extras available for purchase).

In upscale establishments, designer table tents are ideal (the kind of places where traditional table tents would stick out, but in the wrong way). One of the contemporary sign holders with curved designs is a common style. A concave or convex presentation that creates a sense of depth is a trendy way to catch a patron’s eye. The displays are made of steel and have a magnetic “pull up” lens to hold the material in place. This feature allows for fast and simple graphic adjustments (ie. switching from lunch to dinner). Other models come in black leatherette or solid wood, making them suitable for even the most upscale establishments.

Table tents, regardless of style, are a proven cost-efficient and effective way to promote your products. The displays take care of everything for you and are simple to alter to keep your message fresh. They shield your printed materials from the all-too-common table spills, and they’re inexpensive enough to have extras on hand in case one is damaged. Table tents are a fantastic low-effort marketing tool that, when used correctly, can only help your restaurant succeed.