Child Custody – Children Are the Victims of a Litigious Divorce

By on 7-15-2021 in Legal

A contentious divorce creates emotional stress for all parties involved. There are no victors in this type of argument, and the children are generally the biggest losers. The resulting child custody disputes between the two parents are frequently so acrimonious that the children suffer severe mental trauma that can last for years. Hop over to here
It is highly unfair to the children to rely on attorneys to resolve the matter. Most divorce lawyers are primarily concerned with obtaining the best possible outcome for their clients. Their aim isn’t to mediate between the two feuding parties, but to extract as much as possible.
A divorce mediator who is a trained individual, generally with a psychology degree and psychotherapy skills in addition to legal skills of an attorney, would be a far better alternative to explore.
These co-mediators have been professionally trained to preserve and safeguard the children’s best interests while also mediating between the parents for a fair distribution of the parents’ combined impact.
Litigation frequently compels parents to become opponents, turning their children into things rather than hurting, feeling human beings. Each parent, in their battle to “possess” their child, will go to great measures to turn the child against the other, pressuring the youngsters to choose between them. Some parents even use their children as a weapon against their adversaries. The kids are used as pawns.
Much of this can be avoided through divorce mediation. Parents are trained to conduct reasonable negotiations with one another, laying the path for co-parenting after the divorce. Child custody concerns are handled between the divorce mediator and the parents, with the parents prioritising the child’s needs over their own.
Teaching parents to avoid conflict between themselves and giving a positive message to their children that the preferable way to handle conflicts is via calm and reasoned communication. Because children copy their parents’ conduct, youngsters who are exposed to a lot of disagreement between their parents learn that conflict is normal.