Understanding Your Kitchen Cabinetry Upgrade Options

By on 4-11-2021 in Business

Upgrading your kitchen cabinetry provides several advantages and is one of the most common ways to remodel a house. With new cabinets, you can fully transform the look and feel of your home’s most important space. You can improve accessibility, lighting, and comfort while still achieving a distinct aesthetic. Of course, you can invest a lot of money as well. Knowing your cabinetry upgrade choices will help you find an inexpensive alternative that does not sacrifice elegance, longevity, or usability. You may want to check out 11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021 for more.

Custom Cabinets: Are They the Best Option?

Although some homeowners choose to buy pre-made cabinets or go the semi-custom road, others choose complete custom cabinets. Full customization allows you to specify exactly what you want and don’t want, and to have a one-of-a-kind cabinetry solution designed just for your home. You will, however, pay much more than anybody else. Custom kitchen cabinetry from a conventional cabinet store can be exorbitantly priced.

The Solution to Refacing

There are other options available for those who do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on new kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet refacing is one of them. In this case, the cabinets will practically stay the same. The configuration, amount of room, number of cabinets, and number of drawers would all be the same. The only thing that may differ is the appearance of your cabinets. Refacing is a relatively simple procedure that consists primarily of applying a new overlay to the cabinet sides and removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Of course, it’s not really updating your kitchen cabinets, and it’s not appropriate for all remodels.