Spring Cleaning – Pressure Washing Around the House

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Consider for a moment that your Spring cleaning around the house is ridiculously easy. Simply pressure washing the exterior of your home restores the appearance of the house, porch, patio, sidewalks, and driveway. Even better, you are now the proud owner of the best-looking house in the subdivision, at least according to your relatives, neighbours, and, most notably, your father-in-law. How would you respond to that? Learn what you need to know to be effective as you read on.Ottawa pressure washing is an excellent resource for this.

Why is it essential to use high-pressure washing?

Save Time – Everyone who has scrubbed all the black and green stuff off their deck with a stiff bristled brush and a bucket of water knows how long it takes and how much of a pain in the back it is.

Get it Clean – A pressure washer works by concentrating water into a high-pressure stream, and that stream of water works to blast away dirt and debris, allowing you to get your stuff clean.

Save money – how many times have you learned that time is money? Consider this: a garden hose turned on will consume up to seven gallons of water per minute. In comparison, a power washer uses two or three (gpm) at most and cleans stubborn dirt, mould, stains, and tree sap from your house and lawn furniture much more effectively and with less effort on your part.

A pressure washer is used for spring cleaning.

If you’re anything like me, your home – and its upkeep – is high on your priority list. We need to clean the area around the windows and doors before we can paint the trim. When cleaning these areas, a twenty-five degree nozzle on the cleaning wand is safe and efficient. “REMEMBER,” Do not keep the high-pressure water spray too close to the glass, weather stripping, or seals in windows and doors.

To clean overhead, dormers, second storey walls, and gutters, use a telescoping 6-24 foot extension wand attachment.

Until painting, use a fifteen degree nozzle in the cleaning wand to remove dirt and loose paint from your wood fence, siding, and brick. Reducing the need for a scraper and wire brush while ensuring the best possible adhesion of the paint, stain, and sealers is, I believe, a very positive thing.

When cleaning a driveway, pavement, or exposed aggregate, use a fifteen-degree nozzle kept twelve inches away from the surface. Each pass should overlap around one-third of the width of the pattern to avoid uneven cleaning. For large patios, walkways, and driveways, there is an attachment called a water-wiz or something similar that makes the job quick, convenient, and reduces having anything around the area wet. The device resembles a walk-behind lawnmower and cleans a 17-19 inch wide swath at a time.

Washing the car with a pressure washer will cut your water consumption in half, speed up the process, and leave your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Simply wet it down and rinse the road dirt away in a single pass. Remove it with a soft sponge and a soapy water solution. Give your car one more rinse and wipe it dry with your favourite soft cloth, and you’re done, and your car looks fantastic.

Pressure washing around the house is an excellent way to get your spring cleaning started this year. It is vital to you to protect your investment and keep that well-kept appearance.


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