Getting Up and Out of a Chair Is a Therapeutic Exercise

By on 4-14-2021 in Business

It will seem to be a good idea to have a chair where the seat automatically lifts you out, saving you the effort of doing it yourself.

However, I caution you against purchasing devices to assist you in everyday living because if you find this task difficult to handle, you will still have the same problems when getting on and off the toilet, getting in and out of the shower / bathtub, and getting in and out of bed. By clicking we get more information about the Compass Chiropractic – Hendersonville physical rehab

If this is the case, you can consult with a recovery specialist who will assist you with managing these transfers safely. You can speak with your family doctor, who will refer you to an Occupational or Physical Therapist.

Self-rising chairs are unnecessary because they take away your leg muscles’ ability to help you get out of the chair. Transferring in and out of a chair is a ‘therapy’ activity because it strengthens your leg muscles when they get you up and out of the chair in preparation for using your legs for walking.

It may seem to be a difficult task to complete, but believe me when I say that as an Occupational Therapist, you would be glad you kept pushing yourself to do the exercise because it will become easier the more you practise and develop greater strength and coordination in your leg muscles.

If you continue to have difficulty with this transition, you should be evaluated by a qualified Occupational or Physical Therapist. They will instruct you on the proper way to get up and out of your chair, as well as if your current chair is appropriate.

If all you want is a lounge chair and your chair is too short, you don’t need an automatic seat lift. A high-backed chair is really all you need; otherwise, you are removing a very useful exercise feature from your everyday life; which will be needed for other functional activities.