Customizing Plantation Shutters for Your HomeCustomizing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

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Full-height shutters are another name for plantation shutters. They use panels that open in sections to cover the entire window from top to bottom. When they complement the colour scheme of the room where you plan to use them, they have a clean line appearance. You may want to check out Plantation Shutters Near Me for more.
Window shutters are also a great addition to a classic or country-style home. Plant frames, shrubs, and flowering plants adorn the majority of shutters. One may, however, go a step further and embellish the window treatment itself.
Plantation shutters can be customised based on panel and frame choices. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.
Choosing the most appropriate material for your panels
The material is wood.
You’d have an almost limitless colour palette with this stuff because it could be painted to fit your decor. Above all, shops have staining facilities. You could go for stained shutters to match the rest of your home’s decor. Wood has a traditional and natural appearance. Since wood is light in weight, you can use less yet larger panels if you want it.
Stuff made of polyethylene
Poly material has a long-lasting finish if you want a long-lasting shutter. It only has two shades, but they prefer to stay that way for a long time (white and off-white). It does not absorb moisture and does not warp. Showers and bathrooms are ideal places for poly shutters because they are in direct contact with water.
However, poly shutters are heavier than wooden shutters, which is a drawback. Poly products often have a tendency to reduce the size of your panels, so you’ll need to buy more to cover your walls.
PVC PVCs are often moisture-resistant, but their gleaming appearance is disliked by others. They might not be appropriate for use in the living room, but they would be ideal for use in wet areas.
Selecting the Correct Shutter Frames
Choose from the trim frame, L frame, or Z frame, which are the most widely used shutter frames.
Plantation shutters were originally mounted either within the window recess (inside-mount) or outside the wall’s surface (outside-mount) to produce a bulky look (outside-mount).
Z frame and trim frame:
Inside-mount shutters without wall trim are installed in these frames.
L-shaped frame: L-shaped frames are more adaptable. They may be used in corners with or without wall trim on all styles of installations.