Found in Translation: Rosetta Stone CEO Tom Adams

By on 6-19-2021 in Business

Found in Translation: Rosetta Stone is one of the few courses that will teach you what you need to know about business in general and will also teach you key phrases in specific areas such as international relations, strategic management, sales, marketing, and technology. The reason this is such a unique program is the fact that Rosetta Stone isn’t a “one size fits all” type of program. Rather, its “pronounce-able” teaching style allows students to learn in their own time and at their own pace–something that many other programs leave out. In fact, many people often find it difficult to retain the information taught in these types of programs and instead opt for a more general education oriented course of study.Feel free to visit official site.

Rosetta Stone was developed by two men who were dissatisfied with the education offered in most schools: William Bates and John Grace. William Bates was a businessman in Chicago, Illinois, who was dissatisfied with the formal education most colleges offered, especially since many of them required a degree in a particular area of the business world. John Grace was a salesman in Houston who wanted a more business-oriented training program. He and Bates decided to develop a combination of technology and business wisdom into something that would help people from all walks of life understand business and make better decisions. Today, Rosetta Stone has thousands of trained students who speak several different languages fluently. Although the program may not be ideal for all, many people find that it does offer a valuable education in the language of business.

Today, the Internet offers many opportunities to learn a foreign language. Many people turn to the Chinese Internet or Spanish-language websites to learn new words, techniques, and vocabulary. Those who turn to the Internet for language instruction find that Rosetta Stone can offer a similar level of instruction, but in a convenient online format. If you’re a businessperson or a student who desires to learn another language, Rosetta Stone should be given serious consideration.