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Furthermore, marijuana impairs their ability to cure their own problems — their level one and two issues, to put it that way. They were attempting to break free from these energy blocks. Unaddressed issues, on the other hand, persist. In order to cure yourself, you must be able to truly feel your own energy blocks. You are a divine being, and the soul is made up of the creator’s immortal cosmic essence.You may want to check out Recreational Dispensary Near Me for more. You incarnated in order to get the immortal soul into this lifetime’s experience. You must build a fit physical vehicle that can be in harmony with your soul in order to obtain the light of your soul. Despite what supporters of marijuana say, marijuana cannot help you grow spiritually.


The widespread belief that marijuana promotes peace is founded on a narrow concept of peace: peace is more than just the absence of conflict or aggression. People pay a metaphysical price that isn’t worth the supposed benefits because of this narrow concept of peace — the soul alignment is worth more than any temporary peace. And once you realise that this ostensibly peaceful state is actually a dissociated state that eventually hinders your well-being, you will be able to re-examine this issue with a clearer perspective.

If there were no other choices for achieving inner peace or coping with your feelings, marijuana advocates’ views may be persuasive, but there are a number of them:Learning to feel your emotions is a powerful lesson that strengthens you on many levels. It isn’t always simple, and it isn’t always enjoyable, but when you gently breathe through your emotions, you can find that you are stronger than your fears.

Learning to challenge your unconscious self-talk will help you break free from negative mental and emotional patterns. Learning to speak to yourself in an inspiring manner metaphorically places you in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than in the back seat of your subconscious habits directing.

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