Garage Door Maintenance Tips

By on 6-06-2021 in Business

If you don’t keep up with garage door maintenance, you might end up paying a lot of money for repairs or perhaps having to replace your door or opener. The garage door is the biggest movable portion of the house, and it may be used many times a day. Even if components are made to endure, they still need to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis, even if they are only used occasionally. Keep up the excellent job with your garage door maintenance and you will be rewarded with a long-lasting, dependable door. Here are some pointers to get you started if you aren’t already doing garage door maintenance or getting your overhead door serviced.Visit Chicago Garage Door – Garage Door Maintenance for more details.


Although certain elements of your garage door may need expert attention, you may do some routine maintenance on your own. Visually examine all components from the inside and out every three to six months for corrosion, loose hardware, cable wear, and bent or broken parts. Keep an eye out for any jerks or hitches when you lift and lower the door. WD-40 should be used to all tracks, rollers, hinges, springs, and latches. After wiping them down with a towel, lubricate them with a mild home oil. Use a household detergent to clean the inside and outside of the door. A coat of car wax applied to a metal garage door can help keep it clean and retain its finish (see the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand). If your door is made of wood, it should be repainted or sealed every year. Finally, inspect the door’s weatherstripping and repair any that has cracked or broken.

Maintenance by Professionals

Although a capable individual may conduct certain garage door maintenance, certain chores must be performed by a professional service firm. If your door is controlled by a torsion spring, expert maintenance is required on a regular basis to maintain the spring free of rust and running properly. Failure to maintain the spring might cause it to break, resulting in harm or harm. To correctly lubricate the opening mechanism of chain-driven doors, a professional’s touch is also required.

Maintenance of an Automatic Door Opener

Garage door openers need annual expert maintenance, but you could also do a few simple checks each month. Accidents are prevented by optical sensors and the door’s reversing mechanism, which can be checked for correct function in a matter of seconds. As the door descends, wave a long-handled implement (broom, rake) between the sensors. The door will reverse and re-open if the sensor is operating correctly. Place a piece of wood on the ground where the door will impact and shut the door to test the reversing mechanism. When you strike the wood, the reverser should reverse and reopen if it’s operating correctly. During the procedure, listen for any strange grinding or scraping noises. Finally, make sure that all remote controls and keypads are working properly.