A Comprehensive Guide to Wigs Made of Real Hair

By on 6-05-2021 in Business

Different materials – and benefits – are used in different bases.
If you’ve already started looking into genuine hair wigs, you’re probably aware that there are a variety of different base kinds that may be combined with various foundation materials. Monofilament bases are commonly used in real hair wigs, which means that each strand of hair is individually tied onto an ultra-fine mesh foundation so that it can’swivel’ and move in any direction, exactly like natural hair. Wig bases with’monofilament tops’ give the illusion of a very natural scalp. The perk is that if you’re in windy weather or moving around a lot, all you’ll see is a skin-like’scalp’ instead of hair. Wig bases with lace fronts are particularly useful for those who desire a virtually undetectable hairline, which is ideal if you prefer to wear your hair swept back or without a fringe.Find additional information at Fille’s Hair – San Antonio Weaves for Sale.

Wigs with actual hair are equally as delicate as natural hair.
A good real hair wig will have cuticle intact hair with points or ‘tips’ at the end, just like actual hair. This sort of wig is sometimes misunderstood to be more robust. Hair should be treated with even greater care – remember that if you mistakenly pull a hair out when brushing, it can’t be replaced! Treating genuine hair wigs like human skin is a good rule of thumb: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun; avoid extremely wet or windy conditions; always use a specific shampoo and conditioner; and, if feasible, use heated equipment only when absolutely essential!
Hair that has been “double drawn” has a more realistic appearance.
You may have heard of the term “double drawn” hair. This is frequently the case with the more expensive wigs. It implies that the hair is dragged through two micro-fine mesh pieces with no visible knots or joins. The advantage of ‘double drawn’ hair is that it allows users to live an active, outdoors lifestyle without anyone noticing they’re wearing a wig.
A real hair wig can be cut, coloured, and styled.
Despite the fact that this sort of wig comes in thousands of shapes and colours, an experienced consultant or hair adviser should be able to cut, colour, and style your wig to your specifications. However, before making a purchase, it is essential to first examine the manufacturer’s instructions.
Real hair wigs can provide additional benefits and security.
Real hair wigs can provide additional benefits in terms of staying power due to their intricate nature (and sometimes extra cost!). A high-quality wig could have silicone strips in the base for further security, as well as hidden clips and adjustable straps. If you have completely lost your hair, a wig maker offers a ‘vacuum’ wig, which has a pure silicone foundation that produces a vacuum between the head and the base, making it difficult to dislodge.