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By on 4-25-2021 in Home Improvement

Let’s face it: the home improvement industry doesn’t seem to attract the most trustworthy, truthful, and capable people. Many “characters” come to your door because of the promise of a fast buck and the relative ease with which they can “qualify” to do home improvement work. I needed to recruit people for a number of field roles when I was a contractor. The majority of the people I interviewed and sometimes recruited seemed to have had similar issues with previous employers. Substance abuse issues, integrity issues, and reliability issues were among the issues. There never seemed to be an overabundance of talent or employability in the labour pool.Do you want to learn more? Visit source article

I recall reading article after article on how the home improvement industry has a severe labour shortage. Every article’s bottom line will always be the same: “If you can find a trustworthy, dependable, and capable employee, do whatever you can to keep them!!!! Do whatever it takes to keep the person happy, because you never know when you’ll be able to find someone to fill their shoes.” It was a persistent and frustrating issue to deal with as a business owner. You were almost scared to try to boost project output because you knew you’d have to find someone to take on the extra work. Finding workers was always an experience for me, one I didn’t look forward to.

If you ask your state officials what is being done to strengthen home improvement industry regulations and screening, they will most likely inform you that something is in the works or that there is no money for more regulations (testing). This is something I’ve seen for the past 30 years. To receive a home improvement licence in my county (Suffolk County, New York), no evidence of home improvement capacity is still needed. The fee has risen steadily, but the conditions have remained largely unchanged. I refuse to believe there is no money to establish and introduce a better policing and screening mechanism in the home improvement industry because we are one of the most heavily taxed counties in the world.