Detecting Hidden Water Damage

By on 7-05-2021 in Business

Did you know that water damage can happen even if you aren’t aware of it? Floods aren’t the only source of water damage. While the effects aren’t as spectacular, they can be disastrous.

What if a pipe bursts in your concrete slab foundation, for example? You may not be aware that a pipe has burst. If it was a hot water pipe, you could notice that the tile floor is warmer than usual, or that the cat has found a more comfortable spot to lie. The water is steadily causing damage as it seeps in. You’ll discover cracked tiles or warped floor planks before long. Your cabinets may begin to deteriorate. The padding beneath the carpet may be able to absorb just enough water to keep the floor from becoming wet. Mold, meantime, seeks out a damp environment to thrive.You may want to check out Learn What You Need To Know About Mold Remediation. for more.

Water damage can also build up in your attic or basement without you being aware of it. Even if a roof leak isn’t serious enough to let water flow through the ceilings, it can cause structural and insulation damage, as well as provide mould with another favourable environment.

When a toilet overflows or the automatic fire sprinklers activate, you’ll notice, but you’ll be unaware that concealed threats are slowly damaging your property. It’s a good idea to check your home for water damage on a regular basis. The attic and basement, as well as any locations with plumbing, such as under the sinks, behind the refrigerator, or in the closet where the water heater is placed, are all common places to check.

Make use of your senses, particularly your nose. Peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, mould spots, wetness, humidity, and a musty odour are all signs of water damage. Wear a sock on one foot and nothing on the other as you walk around the house. Is there a particular region where the tile or wood floor feels warmer or cooler? There could be a water leak in the slab if this is the case. Do you notice any wetness when walking on the carpets? Is your sock wet? Take it off and feel it.

Finally, make sure your major appliances, such as your furnace and air conditioner, are in good working order. Condensation is produced by these systems, which is normally collected in a pan or piped to a drain. The condensate occasionally spills.