The Difference Between Organic And Pest Control Methods

By on 6-09-2021 in Pest Control

A pest control technician is able to do many things that an exterminator does, but they are more hands on and are not always in buildings. Often times a pest control technician will go to businesses and residential customers to look for rodents or insects. Pest Control technicians then use the proper means to get rid of the pest, whether that be an insecticide, trap, or any other method. It should be noted that pest control technicians often work alongside licensed exterminators. This means that they receive the proper training to handle and identify specific pest problems. Look at this Team Veterans Pest Control

One chemical commonly used for pest control is a chemical called boric acid. This is a non-reactive substance that is very powerful when it comes to getting rid of pests. However, it can also be deadly if it is used incorrectly. Proper safety procedures need to be used when handling boric acid, especially if it is put in the eyes. This chemical has been banned in some states and is no longer sold in stores where it originally came from due to the numerous cases of blindness and death caused by the chemical.

Another common chemical employed in the extermination of pests is pyrethroids. These chemicals are most commonly used in the extermination of fleas and lice. However, the use of pyrethroids has been banned in several states due to the buildup of cancer-causing agents in the soil during the eradication process. These are also the most commonly used pesticides in integrated pest management (IPM). When using pyrethroids, it is important to apply the correct amount, ensuring that it is diluted enough to only kill the target organisms, and to cover the entire area affected by the chemical to prevent accidental ingestion.