Types of Fire Damage Restoration

By on 5-29-2021 in Restoration

What exactly is Fire Damage Restoration? Fire damage restoration is essentially the procedure of restoring a fire damaged property back to pre-loss condition without replacing everything. Fire restoration and cleaning jobs can sometimes take months or even years because of the destructive nature of this natural disaster. A professional team of specialists must evaluate each piece of property, photograph it, and then restore it all to its pre-incident condition. Click to read more about us.

One of the most common types of fire damage restoration includes soot removal. This type of fire damage restoration involves removing soot from a space using specialized equipment, including a chemical air purifier, dehumidifiers, blowers, and heaters. Chemical soot removal typically requires the assistance of professionals who are experienced with removing black soot from buildings as well as experienced in removing smoke and water damage stains.

Water damage cleaning is another common form of fire damage restoration. In the case of smoke damaged property, this type of restoration needs to be done quickly to prevent damage to the foundation or other structural parts of a building. When smoke is present, it is very difficult to clean it up using conventional methods, so professionals who specialize in water damage cleaning techniques are your best bet. These professionals will typically use dehumidifiers to draw moisture from a space that has become water logged due to water damage, and they will use high-powered water blowers to dry the space out and remove smoke stains from walls.