Understanding Bail Bondsman In Pittsylvania County

By on 5-04-2021 in Bail Bond

Arresting someone and going through the booking process can be a traumatic experience. Most people, understandably, are terrified of being kept in a holding cell with strangers. Despite the need for caution, the majority of those arrested are being detained for non-violent offences such as writing bad checks, prostitution, drug use, and robbery. Just a small number of those arrested are charged with violent offences. Checkout bail bondsman in Pittsylvania County.

Bear in mind that you are being kept with strangers who may have their own problems that make them mentally dysfunctional as you wait for your bail bondsman. It’s best to be on the lookout while maintaining a polite demeanour.

When imprisoned, here are some helpful hints:

  • Don’t say anything negative about religious or ethnic groups
  • Don’t volunteer any personal information
  • Don’t be overly polite and congenial
  • Don’t give the impression that you are “too fine” to be in jail
  • Don’t let your guard down
  • Don’t do anything that could make the jailers suspicious
  • Don’t “act out” and be disruptive

Costs of Bail Bonds and Release Options

The cost of a bail bond is determined by the charges and set by judges in a County Bail Schedule. Bail schedules have varying bail levels depending on the details and seriousness of the crime. A DUI charge in Los Angeles County, for example, carries a bail of $15,000, while a DUI charge involving an injury carries a bail of $50,000.

The average bail amount in California is $25,000, although it can be even higher in some cases. Most people don’t have that kind of money, so they’ll have to employ a bail bond agent. Professional bail bondsmen have a lot of experience in this field; they are familiar with the prison systems and bail plans, and they can walk you through the whole process and take care of the release procedures. If a bail bondsman is called as soon as possible, the jail release process can be completed much more quickly.

Only judges have the authority to reduce, delete, or increase bail amounts. Keep in mind that being in prison and waiting to see a judge will take three business days if you don’t bail out. When determining the bail amount, the judge will take into account a number of factors. They take into account the seriousness of the crime, whether you are a threat to the community, the amount of time you will spend in prison if you are convicted, your previous convictions or arrest record, and your links to the community. The judge could reduce bail, but he or she could also lift it or refuse it entirely.

The California Department of Insurance regulates the payment of a bail agent, which is 10% of the total bail cost. Be wary of bail bond agents who misrepresent themselves and are willing to charge you less or just a 5% bail bond fee. This means they’re breaking a California statute, which might put you in grave danger. This should raise a “red flag” and prompt some critical thought regarding their ethical conduct. Do you really want to recruit someone who isn’t following the proper protocols for having you released, at the risk of never seeing your assets again?

Arresting somebody, spending the night in jail, and going through the booking process are all unpleasant experiences. Awareness, as they claim, is strength. Knowing exactly what happens and what to expect can be reassuring. Knowing your rights, obligations, how to handle yourself, and how to plan your release would also help you stay calm. You’ll be safe and sound with your loved ones again before you know it.